Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson


Háskóli Íslands
  • Position
    - Geophysics
  • Unit
    School of Engineering and Natural Sciences - Faculty of Earth Sciences
  • Location
    Askja / N-332
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    525 - 5867
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    mtg [at]

Specialisation / Research Area

1. Physical nature of subglacial volcanism, in particular the interaction of volcanoes and the overlying ice caps or ice sheets including the effects on ice flow and basal water flo. 2. Explosive volcanism, interaction of magma and water. Heat flux in subaqucous volcanism, effect on eruption mechanisms and eruption environment. 3. Internal structure of volcanoes, especially subglacial volcanoes and the effects of the ice volcano interaction on structure and geothermal activity. 4. Gravity surveying and its application to the study of volcanic structures.


1992Ph.D.University College LondonGeophysics
1986FramhaldsnámUniversity College LondonGeophysics
1986B.S.University of IcelandGeophysics

Professional Experience

2002Professor of GeophysicsUniversity of Iceland
19952002Associate Professor of GeophysicsUniversity of Iceland
19941995Assistant Professor of GeophysicsUniversity of Iceland
19911994GeophysicistScience Institute, University of Iceland
19911992University of Iceland
19891989GeophysicistScience Institute, University of Iceland
19881989Seismic refraction field investigationsNational Energy Authority (NEA)
19881988University College London
19861986University of Iceland
19851986Assistant in glaciologyScience Institute, University of Iceland

Keywords for Specialisation