Kristín Loftsdóttir


Háskóli Íslands
  • Position
    Professor in Anthropology
  • Unit
    School of Social Sciences - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences
  • Location
    Gimli / G-327
  • Phone
    525 - 4261
  • Email
    kristinl [at]
  • Published work


I am an active participant in ATGENDER – The European Women’s Network and coorganizer of the Postcolonial Europe thematic group at ATHENA (Thematic Network for Women’s Studies) network focusing on issues relating to post-colonialism and gender.  I have, furthermore, co-organized the network The Nordic Colonial Mind (with Lars Jensen, University of Roskilde, Denmark), funded by NOS-HS in 2009-2010. Currently I am organizing (also with Lars Jensen, Roskilde University) series of workshops focusing on Nordic Identities and Crisis (funded by NOS-HS 2011-2012). 


2000Ph.D.University of Arizonax
1994MAUniversity of Arizonax
1992BAUniversity of Icelandx

Keywords for Specialisation