Guðfinna Th Aðalgeirsdóttir


Specialisation / Research Area

Research in glaciology with focus on interaction of climate and glaciers and ice sheets. Past, present and future evolution of Icelandic glaciers and the Greenland Ice Sheet. Ice dynamics, ice sheet modeling, isostatic rebound, sea level rise. Working on coupling of ice sheet models with global and regional climate models.


Danish Meteorological Institute (
Integrating paleoclimate reconstructions with modeling to understand abrupt climate change in the northern North Atlantic region (
University of Copenhagen
University of Oslo
Universtiyf of Alaska in Fairbanks 
SVALI Nordic Centre of excellence (
FP7 verkefnið ice2sea (


2003Dr. sc. nat.Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in ZürichGlaciology
1997M.Sc.Univeristy of Alaska FairbanksGeophysics
1994B.ScUniversity of IcelandGeophysics

Professional Experience

2017ProfessorUniversity of Iceland
20122017Associate ProfessorUniversity of Iceland
20062012Senior ScientistDanish Meteorological Institute
20052006lecturerUniversity of Wales, Swansea
20042005postdoctoral fellowUniversity of Wales, Swansea
20032004postdoctoral fellowScience Institute University of Iceland

Published Work


Keywords for Specialisation